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  • info_outlineWhich odds do you use for your tracking?

    We aim to beat Pinnacle's offered odds with a positive yield. Therefore, all matches are tracked and calculated with Pinnacle's closing line. In case Pinnacle does not offer odds for a match (e.g. some Australien NPL matches are not being offered by Pinnacle) we use the odds of another sharp-bookmaker (SBOBET, MAXBET, SingBet, BETISN, GA2888). However, we also track each match with the highest odds the market has offered at closing line. This additional service will show, how much potential is theoretically possible, if one could manage to get access to all the soft-bookmakers on the market without being limited.

  • info_outlineWhere do you get the odds from?

    We obtain all odds from oddsportal.com - a well-trusted online sports betting comparision service.

  • info_outlineI reconized a mistake on your site (e.g. wrong odds)?

    Please contact our support via e-mail, Skype or use the message function of Facebook or Twitter. We also reward you with one credit for the top bets for each mistake you have reported to us.